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According to there is famous Japanese App game: The Travel Frog, (Japan name: Tabi Kaeru 旅かえる) around the Asia area, and lot of people like to share it on social network, we got this change to push the recruitment.

My Rule: Interaction Designer


In the beginning of 2018, Travel Frog has topped the charts in the free game category in Apple's App Store in China for more than a fortnight. Soon after, it also becomes popular in South ease area.

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What are the advantages to using social media for recruitment?

  • Increase job visibility
  • Lets you advertise your jobs to your audience
  • Improves employer branding
  • Provides better insight into candidates' profiles
  • Helps you connect with passive candidates



WeChat is owned by Chinese tech giants Tencent, which itself has over 868 million monthly active users. Not only there are lots of Chinese talent eager to work in Singapore, but also there are many E-commerce expert from Taobao, Tmall and JD.


The world’s largest social network, Facebook members are diverse in age and background. Compare with Wechat, post on Facebook let us touch more international designers.

Visual Design

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We got nearly hundred of great designer resumes around the China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand ...etc, in one week.

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