Lost Device Protection

Trend Micro, 2013

There was a project called Lost Device Protection when I worked at Trend Micro. The product team asked me to develop the next version for new UI and responsive web design. I used a bootstrap framework, I also assisted with the HTML & CSS for the mobile version of the site, and wrote a separate stylesheet specifically for the site when being viewed on an iPad.

My Role: Front End Developer

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Building a Fast and Responsive Front-End

The PM was very happy with the designs and with the back-end already in place we were able to quickly move onto the build of the front-end.

I built the front-end “mobile-up”, meaning it was first created for mobile layouts, then using media queries and progressive enhancement additional styles and functionality were added for tablet and desktop.

To keep performance optimal, I used hardware acceleration for smooth animations across all devices, minimized and concatenated scripts, and used sprite sheets to keep the number of browser requests at a minimum.

Where possible, I relied on third-party libraries such as:

The front end build process included the use of Grunt for automated tasks to speed up development and Git for version control.