Mentor Program

Boost your career and become a better designer or engineer

As a self-thought designer with years of experience in multinational organization, I deeply understand the challenges product design learners could face so I’m able to help them achieve their goals at different stages of careers. In this mentorship program, I will provide professional advice based on your needs, help you to clarify problems and set goals, and address them systematically. In the past three years, I have helped more than 50 designers from more than 10 countries around the world to achieve their career goals. They have better performance on projects and start to influence their team.

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Ken Huang mentorship

Benefits of Mentorship

I know a thing or two because I have done a thing or two in my design career, and I am committed to helping you make use of that knowledge.


Get you up to speed quickly with design and visual development tools Figma or front-end: HTML/CSS/JS skills

Portfolio review

Help you sort out the presentation and details of your work, so that you can write a better story

Career coach

Assist you in planning your mid- to long-term career goals, as well as provide suggested direction and guidance

Mock Interview

Accompany you to simulate the real interview situation, let you be more familiar with the interview process, answering skills and job search strategies

I’ve mentored talented
designers & engineers from all over the world

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